Family offices respond to shifting fiduciary landscape

A recent report by Ocorian, a global provider of services to high-net-worth individuals and family offices, highlights the growing significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within the realm of family offices.

The study reveals that family office professionals are expected to sharpen their focus on ESG in the next three years, with an overwhelming majority recognising ESG as an integral part of their fiduciary duty. According to the survey by Ocorian, 88% of respondents believe that ESG will become a more prominent element of fiduciary duty in the coming years, with an overwhelming 91% agreeing that ESG principles are an essential part of a family office’s fiduciary responsibilities.

Younger generation shift investment priorities

The research indicates that 93% of family office professionals consider ESG principles to be a ‘crucial consideration’ when determining their investment priorities. Nearly 40% of participants expect a significant increase in the importance placed on ESG principles, while only 1% believe it will become less important. This shift signifies a broader recognition within the industry of the potential long-term benefits, as well as risk prevention and opportunities associated with sustainable investing practices. 

This trend is the growing influence of younger generations, with these generations demonstrating a greater alignment with sustainable investing practices. Their ideas and values are shaping the direction of family offices globally, especially amid the vast wealth transition.

ESG investing as the ‘norm’

Patti Dolan, a senior wealth advisor and portfolio manager, predicts that ESG investing will become the norm within the next decade. Dolan has been involved in responsible investing for almost 30 years, and has witnessed a remarkable acceleration in the adoption of ESG principles, based on his experience, she believes that ESG investing will soon become the standard approach, rather than a niche strategy. 

Dolan highlights the importance of integrating ESG considerations into financial analysis and predicts that research reports will increasingly include ESG factors. As a result, highlighting how the inclusion of social and environmental factors, can increase resilience during times of market volatility and

These findings indicate a clear shift toward embracing sustainable investing practices within the next three years, especially as it further integrates as a core aspect of fiduciary duty. With the rising influence of younger generations and increasing demand from clients, the adoption of ESG investing is expected to become more prevalent in family offices. As the industry recognises the potential benefits and long-term value associated with ESG principles, the integration of sustainable practices is becoming an essential aspect of investment strategies.


About the author:

Georgina Murrin is a ESG Analyst in Itriom’s London Office.

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