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In a distinctive spotlight within the pages of Acclaim's July 2023 newsletter, Itriom takes its place of recognition as part of the second annual WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Award (2023).

In an insightful interview orchestrated by Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at Clearview Financial Media, Matthew Millard-Beer, CEO of Itriom, lends his perspective to a series of pivotal inquiries. With a focus on Itriom’s mission, its array of sustainability services, and the unfolding industry trends, the interview provides a profound glimpse into the heart of Itriom’s vision and contributions to the global wealth management realm.

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Please tell us how your firm advances cause such as ESG and sustainability and what sets it apart?

Itriom is the global impact platform helping leading families shape a better world. Globalisation, digitisation and a $68 trillion multi-generational wealth transfer are huge changes leaving family offices struggling to adjust. Itriom accelerates the Family’s journey towards Sustainability through our platform and services that connects Family’s values with the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing us to develop a Charter and Initiatives that deliver lasting impact. We go beyond mere compliance, focusing on meaningful sustainability impact and leading the way towards achieving long-term ESG and SDG goals. This sets us apart from existing offerings and positions us as a leader in sustainability and ESG thought leadership.

What kind of challenges around ESG topics are you most focused on and why?

One of the key challenges we focus on is increasing the engagement of the Next Generation with family leadership, and their own future responsibilities. We believe that involving the Next Generation is crucial, so the Family evolves towards long term legacy.  By bridging the generation gap through an intuitive platform, we promote better relationships and ensure a seamless transition of values and purpose. Our focus on addressing this challenge stems from the understanding that the Next Generation’s involvement is essential to driving sustainable change and shaping a better future.

Looking ahead, where do you see the trend of such investment ideas going over the next five to 10 years?

We foresee a significant growth in ESG and sustainability investment over the next five to ten years. We see greater focus on the line of sight between action and impact; and that ESG investments will form part of a values driven portfolio.  93% of family office respondents believe ESG principles are a key consideration for investment priorities, highlighting that more private sector wealth is being directed towards sustainable investments and philanthropic causes. 

With the current funding gap standing at $5-7 trillion annually, engaging even a fraction of the private sector wealth transfer has the potential to make a substantial impact on international development. We believe that sustainable investments will become the norm rather than the exception, and we aim to capitalise on this trend by leading the way in reshaping the global landscape through our sustainability services. 

What steps are you taking to stay ahead of the competition and in this region?

We are first movers in this space; in creating a platform that brings Family Offices together with the access to Sustainability and Next Generation services. We’re light, agile and well connected to the thought leadership that is identifying how Family Offices will deliver impact beyond their own portfolios.  Families are brands in themselves, and we help deliver a strong brand. Collaboration; often a demanding concept for Family Offices, lies at the heart of what we want to do, but through effective collaboration can impact be unlocked.

By integrating sustainability and ESG throughout our platform, we differentiate ourselves from competitors who do not have the option of digitalisation. Our platform encourages as holistic view of impact and sustainability, which is essential for next generation leaders and meeting climate goals. We also come from a background of senior corporate leadership, so we’re making the art of values-based impact a commercially driven activity.

About the author:

Matthew Millard-Beer is CEO & Founder, based in Itriom’s London Office.

About Itriom

Itriom is the global impact platform helping leading families shape a better world. Itriom’s platform enables families to refresh and redesign their values, aligns them with the right UN Sustainable Development Goals, combining them in an agreed purpose and a Family Impact Charter. Itriom’s platform supports the development of impact initiatives and whilst providing discrete and secure spaces for peer-to-peer messaging and collaboration. Itriom’s core practices in leadership, geostrategy, and sustainability benefit clients by developing strategies to engage and support the next generation in building a lasting legacy of which families can be proud. 

About Itriom's Leadership Practice

Itriom’s leadership and resilience practice instils all-encompassing leadership in support of principals of leading families and the next generation preparing for family succession, transition and evolution.

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Alizah Beg

ESG Consultant

Alizah is an ESG Consultant and researcher. She supports Itriom developing sustainability related products and services, helping our clients identify potential opportunities for creating positive environmental, social and sustainable impact.

Georgina Murrin

ESG Analyst

Georgie is an ESG Analyst and researcher. She researches trends, develops insights and reports, and writes insight articles on sustainability and ESG related topics to ensure Itriom’s clients are up to date on the latest policy, progress and initiatives to inform the platform and help our clients maximise their positive impact.

Tim Boughton

Senior Partner
Practice Leader – Leadership & Resilience

Renowned family office thought leader, Tim works with UHNW families to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver their legacies inter-generationally and effectively.

Dr. Herb Castillo

Associate Partner
Practice Leader – Sustainability

Dr. Herb creates methodologies and frameworks for managing, measuring and assessing sustainability performance. His work identifies where maximum impact can be made.

Simon Hulland-Lucas

Senior Partner
Practice Leader – Geostrategy

Simon harnesses research, liaison and networks globally to identify opportunities for Itriom, building the knowledge needed to deliver intergeneration legacies for UHNW families.

Matthew Millard-Beer

Managing Partner
Practice Leader – Strategy

Matthew is Founder & CEO of Itriom, providing solutions and a global platform for Ultra High Net Worth Principals and their families to engage in unifying purpose, enduring legacy, and sustainable impact.