Champions of Change: Winners of the 2023 Earth Shot Prize

The Earth Shot Prizes, inaugurated in 2020, to discover, innovate, and nurturing the world's foremost solutions aimed at healing our planet.

Spanning four pivotal categories—nature, climate, oceans, and air—the prizes stand as a platform to identify, honour, and propel the most pioneering initiatives in these crucial domains. This article delves into the accomplishments of the four distinguished winners from this year’s program, shedding light on how these initiatives are spearheading progress in combating climate change within their respective spheres.

By delving into the stories of these winners, we gain profound insights into the specific challenges they confront and the innovative strategies they employ to combat the effects of climate change. Understanding their endeavours not only highlights the critical issues at hand but also paves the way for collective support and engagement, empowering us to contribute meaningfully toward these vital areas deeply impacted by climate change.

Fix our climate – Boomitra

Boomitra is dedicated to combating emissions and supporting farmers by encouraging soil restoration and the adoption of regenerative agriculture. They achieve this through a verified carbon-credit marketplace. Since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuel burning has amplified CO2 levels in the atmosphere, while unsustainable farming practices have degraded land, reducing its capacity to store carbon. Boomitra addresses this issue by collaborating with over 150,000 farmers across smallholder plots and large ranches, covering more than five million acres in impoverished regions of Africa, South America, and Asia.

Utilising satellite and AI technology, Boomitra monitors and rewards farmers for enhancing soil quality and its carbon-storing potential. They offer verified carbon credits in their marketplace, allowing businesses and governments to offset emissions, with a significant portion of the credit revenue directly benefiting the farmers.

This initiative holds vast potential for climate change mitigation, aiming to store one gigaton of CO2 in soil by 2030, an amount greater than all global car travel emissions. The strategy not only addresses environmental concerns but also significantly benefits farmers. By adopting sustainable practices, farmers witness improved soil health, increased crop yields, and additional revenue. Moreover, they receive a 70% share in Boomitra’s profits, offering them new income streams.

Clear our air - GRST

GRST pioneers a sustainable solution for lithium-ion batteries, crucial for cleaner electric cars. The electric vehicle market is expected to reach 125 million cars by 2030, demanding a 30% yearly increase in batteries. Traditional lithium mining harms the environment and communities.

Enter GRST, offering an eco-friendly battery-making process that reduces emissions by 40%. Their batteries last 10% longer and use recyclable components, lessening the need for new resource extraction. With plans to capture 5% of the global green battery market by 2030, GRST’s innovation aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, promoting cleaner air and sustainable growth.

Revive our oceans - Wildaid Marine program

WildAid spearheads marine enforcement to combat illegal fishing and enhance ocean conservation efforts. Protecting 30% of oceans by 2030 is critical, yet nearly 60% of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) struggle due to enforcement challenges. WildAid steps in to fortify these zones and ensure the preservation of marine ecosystems and sustainable fisheries.

With oceans covering over 70% of Earth and supporting diverse biodiversity and livelihoods, overfishing poses a significant threat. Illegal fishing costs $23 billion annually, pushing one-third of the world’s fisheries beyond their limits. To address this, WildAid’s Marine Programme, led by Meaghan Brosnan, collaborates with governments, charities, and academics to bolster MPA effectiveness.

This initiative covers approximately 1.64 million square kilometres across various MPAs and fisheries management areas, including regions like Palau, Zanzibar, and Mexico. By enhancing law enforcement capacity and supporting coastal communities, WildAid aims to expand to 250 priority marine areas within five years, reinforcing global ocean conservation efforts.

Protect & restore nature - Accion

Acción Andina, a grassroots initiative in South America, protects the vital native high Andean forests crucial for nature and millions of regional inhabitants. The Andes, hosting 15% of global flora and fauna, face severe deforestation and habitat loss, impacting land fertility and water sources. Acción Andina, co-founded by Global Forest Generation and Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos, revitalises ancient Inca principles, uniting communities to safeguard these ecosystems.

Their efforts have led to planting nearly 10 million trees, restoring over 4,000 hectares of forests, and protecting 11,000 hectares of native land since 2018. With plans to expand, they aim to preserve one million hectares of high Andean forests across seven countries by 2045. Their success prompts Global Forest Generation to consider replicating this model worldwide to restore endangered ecosystems.

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